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A collection of somewhat recent photos. Please continue to revisit to see if this page has been updated.

Fun in the snow - 12/19/08

Cassidy and Asher sledding
Cassidy and Asher flying down a snow covered hill.
Asher enjoying the snow
Asher really enjoyed the snow this year.
Owen and Cassidy
Owen attempting to get some snowball protection from Cassidy.
Kids in the snow
Asher thought it would be fun to be buried in the snow, so the rest of the kids helped him do this.

Clearwater Florida - 70.3 Race - 11/8/08

Go Dad
My great support crew.
Mom and I before the race
Mom and I before the race.
Off on the bike
Off on the bike on a nice sunny (and hot) day.
Sand Castle
An interesting sand castle near the finish line.

You can also see a photosynth of my hotel room view by clicking here.

Cassidy getting her nose pierced - 9/1/08

Prepping the nose
Prepping the nose to make sure there is no infection.
Needle in the nose
Ouch, a new hole in Cassidy's nose.
Screwing in the stud
Screwing in the stud so it does not fall out.
All done
Finally all done. Cassidy sure looks like a ghost. She passes out five minutes from about now.

Parents day at Camp Nor'wester - 7/12/08

Asher enjoying the boat ride to camp
Asher checking out the waves on the way to Camp Nor'Wester.
Cristopher at camp
Cristopher during our tour of the camp grounds.
Cristopher and Owen
Owen giving Cristopher a big hug hello.
Owen and Xenia
Owen and Xenia giving each other a hug.

Lake Stevens Triathlon - 7/7/08

Asher and Owen near the finish line
Asher and Owen wait somewhat patiently near the finish line.
Asher and Owen with Dad
Asher and Owen wait with tired Dad after the finish.
Kraig, Scott, and Kevin
Kraig, Scott and Kevin post race (Kraig PR'd and had a great race).
Asher, Owen and Dad on a walk
Asher and Owen helping Dad stretch his legs by taking him on a short walk.

Ironman Coeur d'Alene - 6/22/08

Swim Start
Swim start madness, just madness.
Transition area
Over 2000 bikes waiting in the transition area.
Lazy dog
A lazy dog as the race goes continues on the bike leg.
Running along the lake
The out and back run along the lake.

Scott and Crystal's Wedding - 4/19/08

Asher and Owen
Asher and Owen awaiting the bride and groom.
Asher and Cassidy in the mirror
Asher checking himself out with Cassidy watching.
Crazy smiling Asher
Asher being Asher.
Cris and Grandma Les
Cris and Grandma Les.
Owen at the mirror
Owen is not so sure about how he looks.